December 18

Dear Diary,
The holiday season is my favorite time of year. This weekend we hosted a posada, where people go from door to door, pretending to be Joseph and Mary asking for shelter. Like the other families, we had our Nativity scene all set up on a table—except for the baby Jesus—and pretended to be innkeepers. But I don’t like it when we have to say no and turn Joseph and Mary away! It’s much nicer to say yes and ask them to come in. Papa says it is only pretending, and I shouldn’t get so upset. We also had a party for the children, with a big piñata filled with oranges, nuts, sugar cane, and some candies. It took a lot of turns before someone hit the piñata hard enough with a stick to open it!

I asked Lucero to come to the party, and she did, but she didn’t try to hit the piñata.

My sister Gabriella said, “Don’t push her, Consuelo. Let her find enjoyment in her own way.”

So I just smiled at her now and then while she stood in the corner and watched. It is like trying to make friends with a butterfly, I think. But she is coming to Christmas dinner at our house, so she must like us a little.

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