December 25

Dear Diary,
Last night we went to Misa de Noche Buena, mass at midnight. It was so beautiful—flowers and candles and music to fill your heart! Just before we went, Mama gave me her ivory rosary, with the beads all carved like small white roses.

“This was your great-grandmother’s rosary,” she told me. “It has been passed down daughter to daughter and it is time for you to have it. I am proud of you, Consuelo.”

I felt very grown-up carrying that rosary to mass, Diary.

After mass, we went home and had dinner. This sounds unusual, but remember‚ my family works at night and sleeps during the day! So most of them were not even tired. Lucero was there, too. Mama had convinced her to take a bath before mass, then presented her with a new dress and a little sweater to wear to church. I loaned her a pair of my shoes.

“You look pretty,” Papa told Lucero. “Thank you for coming with us.”

That was the first time I’ve ever seen Lucero smile. After dinner, Papa asked Lucero to place the baby Jesus in the manger. That is a great honor in our family.

We did not forget the street children, either. We lit candles in the courtyard and served pastries and soup and hot chocolate. Then we said a prayer of thanks and sang Christmas songs together. Sandro was not there, which is too bad. He missed a good night.

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