February 10

Dear Diary,
When I got home from school today, Lucero was very excited.

“I worked with your Mama in the bakery,” she told me. “I helped pour eggs and vanilla, and I measured sugar, and carried bread to the front.” She smiled shyly at me. “I made you a cookie.” She handed me a star-shaped sugar cookie; it was decorated in blue and white icing, with silver sprinkles.

“¡Qué galleta tan hermosa!” I said, “What a beautiful cookie!” She waited, so I took a bite and nodded. “It’s very good.”

“Your mamacita told me that I have good fingers for decorating, because they are so skinny and small.” She flashed her hands back and forth, looking at them as if they belonged to someone else.

“Mama should know, she comes from a family of bakers,” I grinned. We’re going to spend the weekend helping, and I’m going to teach Lucerno everything I know. Then maybe, someday, we will run the bakery together!

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