February 6

Dear Diary,
The days have passed and there have been no more attacks from the mean boys. Lucero has stayed with us, though, just in case. It’s fun to have someone like a little sister to whisper and laugh with at night in the bedroom. At first, she woke up scared when she heard my family moving around at strange hours; but now she is used to it and sleeps fine.

Lucero has been beaten before, Diary—by her own family. She was sent out to beg on the streets, and if she did not come home with enough money, they would hit her. She was asked to steal, but she was too scared. One time, she was caught taking milk and had to run very fast or the storekeeper would have taken her to the policía. After a while, Lucero just didn’t go back home. It was better to become a street orphan.

¡Qué vida! No one should have to stay with a family like that. If only she will live with us, things will be good for her.

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