January 5

Dear Diary,
Today was loco! Crazy! The bakery was full of people buying our Rosca de Reyes for tomorrow, El día de Reyes—the Day of the Kings, when we celebrate the three Wise Men who gave presents to the baby Jesus. Our Roscas looked wonderful, with their dried fruits and cream-filled centers. No wonder there was a crowd! By the time I came home from school, there was not a single one left (except for the two Roscas we saved for ourselves). Tomorrow evening we will eat them and drink cups of hot chocolate.

I asked Lucero to spend the night so she can celebrate with us. Also, so she can get her El día de Reyes present: a new pair of shoes to go with her Christmas outfit. I picked them out myself, and they have tiny bows on them and strong soles so they will not wear out for a long time. But though it is already dark, Lucero has not come. I am worried for mi amiga.

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