March 11

Dear Diary,
Sandro’s cast came off this week. Now he has both arms to start lifting bread into the ovens and learning how to knead. He complained that his healed arm is weak and skinny, but Carlos only laughed and said, “Amigo, BOTH of your arms are weak and skinny! You will see when you have kneaded bread dough for several hours. But they will get stronger, don’t worry.”

And he pushed up his shirt and flexed his arm muscles. Carlos is even bigger than Papa when it comes to arm muscles! I was glad to see Sandro looking humble for a change.

Mama has me helping in the store and working on cookies and pastries when I have time. So I am not in the back around Sandro and his bread baking much these days. He keeps Papa’s hours, showing up late and going home in the morning. As long as school is open, I will be sleeping most of that time.

But he also comes to dinner a lot. Ay mio! I can’t even say anything to him then, because Gabriella kicks me under the table if I try.

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