November 1

Dear Diary,
It is Día de los Muertos! The bakery is crowded with people buying the pan de muerto and Gabriella’s decorated sugar skulls. The streets are crowded with people dancing and running, dressed up in costumes. I have seen dozens of women dressed like Catrina, the lady skeleton. There is music everywhere! The bakery is closing at noon so that we can join the celebration. Our altar in the apartment looks beautiful with the flowers, the candles in red glass, and the big silver cross that has been in our family for generations. I am so excited that Mama told me to stay away from the ovens or I would surely burn myself! Tonight we will walk in the procession, then mi amiga Maura and I are going to Juancita’s house for a big party. I have my skeleton bride costume all ready! It is too bad that we have to go to school tomorrow.

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