November 28

Dear Diary,

I stayed up late last night, watching Mama and Papa in the bakery. Mama was showing me the best way to make dough for Rosca de Reyes—Three Kings Cake—the wreath-shaped sweet bread that everyone eats on January 6, which is the end of the Christmas holidays. The bread is decorated with different kinds of candied fruit, and hidden inside it is a small statue of the baby Jesus. Mama says that this year we will fill the middle of the wreath with thick creamy custard. Delicioso! Ours will be the best bread in Mexico City. If I can learn to make it like Mama, that is.

The street children were waiting outside the bakery while we worked; the word has spread that we give out food, so it was a large group. Some of them snatched it out of my hands like wild animals—it made me mad and I told them to stop acting like pigs! So rude! But Mama just held up her hand and waited until everyone was still. She told the children to form a line, and then she made them walk, one at a time, up to her and take food from her basket. That has given me an idea and I’m going to talk to Mama and Papa about it when they get up later today.

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