October 25

Dear Diary,
It sure was a busy weekend! I almost fell asleep in class today, I was so tuckered out. Mama’s got permission to use the school cafeteria stoves and ovens once a month through till next summer. She told the principal that she wants to help people in the mountains who are so poor in this bad economy. She must have talked up a storm, because she convinced the school board to let her and some friends from church use the kitchen! Anyway, we spent all day Saturday making jam and casseroles and soup and pies—of course—and putting them into boxes and baskets. We had enough for four trucks to take up! Everyone went on Sunday morning, since it would take until lunchtime to get there. Then they all scattered, and Mama and I went to our old town. It took us all day because it wasn’t just the town we were visiting, it was the people back in the “hollers” of the mountains. But Abby Mae came with us and that made it a real good day. The trees were all gold and red, and a breeze was whipping at our clothes, and the jays were calling to each other in the pines. Autumn is my favorite time of year and a day like that is like swallowing sunshine. Most of the trails Abby Mae and I knew from way back, so we hauled up baskets in my old wagon to a bunch of different houses. I got to say hey to the Helstons, and Mrs. MacDonald, and old Granny Pritcher in the pink house. They were all pleased to see us and thanked us kindly.

But we also delivered to Mr. Rafe Buford, who’s about the meanest man in three counties, and he not only yelled at us, he almost threw the soup at our heads! I guess he thought we’d run, and I did—but right up to his porch and in his face. I told him he could give back the soup and jam if he didn’t want them, because lots of other people did, but I wasn’t going to stand for him breaking the jars and wasting food. I told him I’d have been glad for soup some days after the mine closed. I think once he saw I wasn’t snooty about helping him, his pride calmed down. He reminds me of a terrier dog, bark, bark, bark! It took us all afternoon to clear out the truck and my legs were wobbly by the time we finished.

Good night, Diary, I’m going to sleep.

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