October 31

Dear Diary,
I love Halloween! I love the way pumpkins shine on all the porches, and the leaves blow down the street, and all the shadows jump around. Everyone’s in costume so you can’t tell who they really are. I was a witch—not an ugly, old hag witch, a Hogwarts kind of witch like Hermione. Green Lake is a lot bigger than our old town and there were loads more kids trick or treating tonight. I got tons of candy! I missed being with Abby, though; we always dressed up alike.

People had graveyards in their gardens and scary music and fog machines. We never could afford any of that stuff, but we made a scarecrow out of old clothes and straw and ghosts out of sheets and hung them from the tree in our front yard. Mama was going to bake cookies for the kids but I told her that down here they wouldn’t take them and that we had to use store candy. I think Mama’s feelings were a little hurt about the cookies, but Daddy said she could bake some for us and that cheered her up. I gave her some of my chocolates and that helped, too. :^)

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