October 9

Dear Diary,
It’s been three months since we moved down here to Green Lake. I started at my new school in September and it’s been okay so far. Mama got a job cooking in the school’s cafeteria, so I get to eat a lot more of her good pies than I did at home! She says they pay pretty good, too, enough for me to get some new winter clothes and shoes. Things were hard when the coal mine closed up in our last town and Daddy was out of work. He was “in despair,” as my teacher Ms. Bailey says, because there were no jobs. Lots of houses were boarded up or just left standing full of stuff because people couldn’t afford to take more than what they carried. Big brother Geoff left and found a workshop for his guitar-making here at Green Lake, so it wasn’t too big a stretch for us to move closer to him. What was left up there, anyway? Well, except for Abby Mae, my best friend—I sure do miss her. But Mama says we’ll go back up real soon for a visit. Maybe she can come down here, too.

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