April 15

Dear Diary,
We got to Aunt Katie’s house last night, after a long drive. Seemed like everyone was going somewhere else for Easter, Diary! Papa was pretty tired by the time our truck rolled up Aunt Katie’s driveway. She doesn’t live exactly in Louisville, although that’s her address. She lives closer to a place called Peewee Valley, isn’t that a funny name? There are riding stables out this way, so there’s lots of business for a feed store.

“We do tack repair too, now,” Aunt Katie told us at dinner. She’d fixed fried chicken and mashed potatoes, my very favorite meal, Diary! With snap beans, sweet tea, and berry pie for dessert. I ate till my stomach hurt. “Between the riding schools, stables, and private horse owners, we did a good business last year—and that’s saying something, given the economy.”

Mama told me once that I look like Aunt Katie did when she was a girl. Every time I get a chance, I try to see myself in her face. I also wonder if I’ll look like her when I grow up. I’m sure she wonders why I stare at her so much when she’s talking.

It took a long time for me to fall asleep Friday night. I was so excited about being somewhere different, and my stomach was so full—and I knew we were going to see her horse, Jiminy Star, in the morning. Plus, I was sleeping on the pull-out couch and it’s a little strange to sleep in a living room instead of a bedroom; it just feels too big.

But I did, eventually.

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