April 4

Dear Diary,
We’re going to Louisville for Easter! Mama talked to her sister, Aunt Katie, on the phone yesterday about it. I overheard them in the kitchen, and Mama wasn’t too hot on the idea at first—but then she must have been talked into it, because she promised to see Aunt Katie in Louisville at the end of the month. So I know we’re going!

Aunt Katie is Mama’s younger sister. She’s not married, she runs a feed store and drives a red truck. She doesn’t even play guitar or anything—but she can ride the hair off a horse!

When Mama was little, her family had a farm and two horses, so she and Katie both learned to ride. Mama stopped after they sold the farm but Aunt Katie never did; she has a horse of her own and hangs around horsey friends. I know it seems like everyone in Louisville is horse-crazy because of the Derby, but that’s not true.

There’s some trouble between Mama and Aunt Katie, we don’t see her very much. So I was hoping, when Mama said we’d go visit, that things might be getting better.

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