December 10

Dear Diary,
Today we made a special Christmas present for Trail—a CD! Geoff’s friend, Bowman, has a home recording studio. It’s really just a room in his house with lots of equipment and microphones and not much else! Anyway, our whole family went there with a couple of Geoff’s other musician friends. Everyone said a special holiday hello message for Trail, then we all played some of his favorite music. Mama and I sang harmony on an old EmmyLou Harris song. But I guess my happiest moment was when I got to sing a song that I wrote special for Trail. I call it Wait Just A Little:

Afternoon shadows are trying to grow longer,
Birds are trying to fly far away,
The wind from the north keeps trying to blow stronger,
But I talk to them all and I say:
Wait just a little,
He’ll be coming home soon,
Please keep the sunlight
And the flowers so sweet;
Wait just a little,
Hold back the moon
So I’ll see him walking
The next time we meet.

Daddy was surprised when I pulled out the paper. But Geoff and I had been practicing in secret, so it sounded really good. Bowman played dobro and another guy figured out a banjo run. Mama cried a little and said she was way proud of me.

“You sure you’re only ten years old?” asked Bowman. “You got any more of those?”

Well, you know I do, Diary, I write lots of them down inside of you! And there’s that secret binder under my bed…
“You could make your own album,” he said.

My own album! I guess anybody would be pleased to hear that, even from someone who has a home recording studio. But Geoff smiled and nodded at the same time, so maybe it’s true. Then I thought, what if I could sell an album of songs and use the money to help people in Appalachia? Between knitting and playing guitar, my fingers would wear right out, but it would be worth it!

Mama always says, “It’s good to have a dream, Dell.” I sure have a big one now!

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