December 18

Dear Diary,
If there’s one thing I love more than baby rabbits, it’s the smell a Christmas tree makes inside the house. When I smell those spicy branches, my heart swells up like a frog’s throat. When I try to sing carols, the same thing happens and sometimes I just can’t sing a word.

I don’t see why we have to have so many exams just before the holidays! It makes me a nervous wreck and I can’t enjoy myself at all. Plus, this was our baking weekend in the school cafeteria and I spent a whole bunch of time rolling out and decorating cookies. Seems to me that’s much more important than studying math, but I can’t say anything like that around Daddy! So even though we did soup and lots of breads and cookies and pies, I still had to do all that studying for my last two tests tomorrow.
At least it’s only a half-day. Then, the next time I go to school, it will be a new year!

All the girls in Heart Threads have to deliver stuff on Tuesday at my house, because we’re going up the mountain that afternoon. I hope they’ve all been busy. Guess it’s too late to worry much about that—and anything will help.

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