December 4

Dear Diary,
Today was a special meeting of Heart Threads at our house. I decided we could all work a little faster if we got together and knitted, plus Mama and I could help the other girls if they had trouble. We served fluffernutter sandwiches and sweet tea and sliced apples. Daddy said the sugar and caffeine ought to hold us all day—and he was mostly right. We played music and knitted like our fingers were on fire! I finished a real cute cap in pink and white and started on some matching mittens. Belle and Ariel are getting along on their neck scarves in rainbow wool, and Lupé is almost done with a deep blue cap with white trim.

Sometimes it seems like we’ll never get enough done. But Mama said not to lose heart, just keeping walking the trail I’ve started down. I’m just not so patient sometimes. I like things to go fast! And Christmas is only three weeks away. Tonight we’re decorating the Christmas tree. Daddy and Geoff have already put up the lights outside.

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