February 23

Dear Diary,
When you can’t watch TV or talk on the phone, your brain has a whole lot more time for songwriting. I don’t know why that is. Geoff says it’s mental boredom.

“But I’m busy all the time, now!” I argued.

“Yeah, but your brain isn’t. You can vacuum and think of other stuff, right?”

I guess, because I’m full of ideas for songs! Only, I forget some of them unless I write things down right away. But stopping to do that didn’t set right with Mama.

“Dell,” she said, “You’ve taken three hours to do those dishes! I know you’re trying to work on your songs, but you can do that after your chores. I don’t want the kitchen a mess all night.”

So I just have to remember as much as I can. It’s so hard to be a creative person sometimes, Diary! Here’s a song I’m working on:

You never know who’ll take your part
When you’re lost and sorry in your heart
And your feet are walking in the dark
You just never know.

A friend might be around the bend
A place no friend has ever been
They’ll set you on the road again
You just never know. 

Of course, it’s about Mr. Buford. Who would think I’d ever write a song about him? But writers have to use everything in their lives as inspiration. That’s what I read in a magazine interview.

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