February 4

Dear Diary,
I’m just mad today. Mad, mad, mad. We finished our patchwork blanket for Heart Threads and Daddy was supposed to take me up the hill to give it to someone! It looks beautiful, too, with a big red heart stitched into a deep purple background, right in the center of it. But Daddy says he won’t go!

“Your mama has a bad cold and we just got an order for new guitars,” he told me. “I’m sorry, Dell, but you’ll have to wait until next weekend.”

“But I wanted to give it to Mr. Benjamin’s family,” I explained. “They need it right away! There’s a snow storm coming!”

“I understand your concern, Peanut, but we’re not going until then.” He put his hand on my shoulder, but I just brushed it off. He knows that only Trail is allowed to call me Peanut!

“That poor family is up there freezing in one of the old mining cabins,” I told him. “They could die by next weekend!”

“Dell, other people are helping them get through this. Don’t take so much on your shoulders,” was all he said and walked away.

If Trail was here, he’d take me up! Daddy is just being stubborn for nothing. But I have a plan, Diary. There are two apple pies in the pantry and I know a bus leaves at six o’clock tomorrow morning. I can be there by breakfast and take the blanket and pies myself. Maybe Abby Mae’s daddy will give us a ride to High Camp and I can come back on the lunchtime bus. People here won’t even know I’m gone, probably.

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