January 2

Dear Diary,
Can you see me jumping up and down? Well, I am, because this has been the best Christmas ever! Sorry I haven’t written anything for a while, guess I just got lost with all the stuff that’s happening. Sometimes, when you’re real happy, it’s harder to write about it. But when you’re sad or mad, you can write for days. I don’t get it. Oh well…

Trail came home! Diary, he was the one banging on the door! First I just saw a man with a big coat and a camo hat (like mine!) and my heart nearly stopped. I’ve watched those old movies where someone brings bad news to the door for some missing soldier. Then he looked up and I saw blue eyes staring back at me (also like mine!) and I jumped on him like a duck on a fat bug!

“Peanut,” he said, after giving me a bear hug, “you’re so grown up I thought a strange girl had moved in here! It’s lucky I recognized those freckles.” He calls me Peanut and I don’t mind, but if anyone else did it, I’d be pretty embarrassed.

“Where’s everyone at?” he asked. Then the kitchen door banged open from the back yard and Daddy came running in and Mama asked him if the house was on fire and ran after him, then the whole place went completely crazy. People were crying and hugging and I started crying, too, Diary! I couldn’t help it. Geoff hollered down from his bedroom and asked what all the noise was, but it only took him three seconds to figure it out and slam down the stairs.

Diary, when I looked out my bedroom window that night, after everyone had gone to bed, I swear I could hear Christmas angels singing. Maybe they were inside my heart.

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