January 8

Dear Diary,
The house is pretty full to bustin’ these days, but I don’t care. It’s so cool to have Trail home and the family together. Even though I sure would appreciate having a bathroom to myself sometimes. It’s like a box of squirrels running around in the morning most days, everybody trying to get up and ready. Mama says she can remember when the thought of indoor plumbing would have been her idea of heaven, and that we should appreciate having any bathroom at all. I’m glad I’m not as old as her, then, Diary! Trail didn’t get our CD in time for Christmas, but we gave him a copy and Geoff took him to the workshop to look at guitars. Trail said it was the best present he could imagine and that I was a musical “prod-ah-gee.” He said that’s someone who’s way better than they have a right to be at their age. It sure is hard to get my mind back on school since Christmas. I hate when the holidays are over and all the shine is rubbed off of everything. The tree is gone and all the lights are down, there’s nothing but homework and cold weather.

But I still have Heart Threads, and just because it’s January doesn’t mean we can quit. There’s plenty of snow to come in the mountains and people who could use warm blankets. It was hard getting the girls to meet last Wednesday—guess they are as sorry as I am to see the holidays go—but once we did, we had lots of ideas. We’re going to get Mrs. Spencer to help us knit some patchwork blankets from the wool she gave us. She says that way lots of people can help at the same time, even some friends of hers, and we’ll end up with more blankets, faster. I told her I’d like to try knitting a big square with a red heart on it, for the center of every blanket, because that way they’ll remember it’s a Hearts Threads blanket. And she said that was a good idea. So I will.

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