March 1

Dear Diary,
Five more days until I’m through being grounded. I want to talk to Abby Mae so bad! We haven’t spoken since she got back from Louisville, though I know Mama has told Abby Mae’s mama all about my adventure. That’s what she calls it.

I was going to ask if I could go visit her, but that didn’t seem like such a good idea. So I asked if she could come stay the night, and Mama just said, “We’ll see when your punishment is over, Dell. I’m not going to talk about it right now.”

Geoff says to keep working on my songs and he’ll take Abby Mae and me over to Bowman’s to record the best ones. Abby Mae could sing harmony! We used to sing all the time when we were playing in the hills. I’d start something and she’d join in just like a redbird! We sang lots of country songs and talked about being on TV talent shows. But suppose we only think we sound good? I would hate to be like those girls who brag about how good they are, then sound like a cat screechin’ when they get in front of the judges! Geoff says the fact that I realize they’re terrible is a sign I know the difference.

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