March 13

Dear Diary,
When I opened the curtains today, it was snowing! Just when you think spring is here and all those tulips and daffodils are safe, they get covered in snow.  Abby Mae and I sat and watched it come down and I practiced my guitar. It was good to hang out after so long and talk about everything.

“A girl came to town last weekend, her name is Blue MacKenzie and she’s thirteen and a half,” Abby Mae told me. “Her daddy lost a leg in the mines and they’re visiting cousins, don’t know for how long.” Visiting relatives is sometimes the only reason people aren’t homeless up in the mountains. “Blue said there’s 12 people in that house, when there’s only room for four.”

I thought about how I complained about our house being crowded. It seemed pretty stupid compared to that.

“She can sing, Dell!” yelped Abby Mae. “You should hear her. Better’n Carrie Underwood.”

“No way,” I said back.

“I’m not kidding. You should get her to sing on your album. She could be famous someday.”

I wasn’t in any mood for a new girl to sing on my album, Diary.

“I don’t need her, I’ve got you,” I said. Abby Mae smiled, but she shook her head all the same. “I’m nothing compared to her. You should come up and meet her, Dell.”

“Maybe,” I told her, but inside I was a little jealous that Blue MacKenzie seemed so great to my best friend. Abby Mae laughed at me. “You’re funny,” she said. “You’ll always be my BFF! Don’t be stupid.”

Abby Mae always seems to know what I’m thinking.

The snow turned to rain later, and I felt better about the flowers outside. Abby Mae spent the night, and all of us sang and played, and her harmony sounded just perfect to me.

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