March 26

Dear Diary,
We went back to the Misses Burrs yesterday. Mama found an old dresser with some broken drawers in a junk shop and talked them into donating it; Papa nailed the drawers back together and it was as good as new, almost, so they were pleased to put it in their new bedroom. A hardware store donated a small soapstone stove and the men set that up in the new living room, as well as a new deep sink in the kitchen. I helped hang second-hand curtains on the windows and plug in three new lamps.

All of Mr. Burr’s tools and stuff got stored in the old house, which I thought was kind of funny. I guess it’s the shed, now!

“My,” said Miss Eliza when the lights went on, “I never saw anything so pretty, did you, Indie?”

Miss Indie shook her head. “They’d be just right for reading books by—if we had any.”

“Law,” said Miss Eliza, “we’ve got Momma’s old bible, sister; that’s enough.”

But I whispered to Mama and asked if we couldn’t bring up some books for them, and she said we could surely find some at a yard sale. So maybe we can surprise them sometime soon.

Papa felt bad that we couldn’t build them a new bathroom, but the sisters disagreed. “Jumpett Creek’s always been bath enough for us,” they said, “and with the pump fixed and inside our kitchen, we won’t have to tote cooking water in buckets anymore. We could always heat some up for washing in the winter.”

When I got home, Diary, I went and turned on the hot water tap and splashed my face till it stung. It’s weird how you don’t pay attention to some things until you see what life is like without them. I’m never going to look at a shower the same way, ever!

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