November 12

Dear Diary,
Well, three girls showed up on Wednesday. That’s not a lot, Diary. They could all knit some, so we talked about why I was doing Heart Threads and how they could help. It’s getting cold in the mountains already and there are plenty of people up there without heating! One girl is good at making throw blankets, so I told her to just keep going. The other two can make scarves and caps. They all said they would talk to their friends and sisters and get more girls to come next week. If we can only get enough people knitting, it could be an amazing Christmas in the hollers.

Mama and her church ladies are taking Thanksgiving dinner up the hill, too. There was a big food drive at church and at different schools, so we have plenty to make. The next couple weekends are going to be really busy with cooking. We’ll do some at home then come in the Saturday before Thanksgiving to the cafeteria. People will get their meals a little early—we don’t have room to freeze everything, and we don’t want to the food to get stale—but I don’t suppose there will be any complaints. Maybe even Mr. Buford will be thankful, though I’m not counting on it!

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