November 24

Dear Diary,
Eight girls came to my Heart Threads meeting yesterday! Sarah, the girl who knits throw blankets, says she has one finished from before that she’s willing to donate, and her mother is helping her with the next one so it can get done for Christmas. Belle brought her sister Ariel (I wanted to laugh but I didn’t, Dear Diary!) and said that they will both knit scarves because they’re not too experienced. The other girls are all willing to do caps and I’ll help them with mittens. Lupé is a Catholic and says that she will ask at church if they will donate wool to us, since our church is already donating so much of the food Mama cooks for people. I’ve also asked the at wool store, where I buy my knitting stuff, if we can have seconds for little or no money since no one will care if the dye isn’t even or whatever.

Today is Thanksgiving and somehow I managed to eat everything, even the sweet potato casserole. Abby Mae’s family came! So did my brother Geoff and his girlfriend. Everybody got out their guitars and banjos and fiddles and we sang the afternoon away. Abby Mae is staying with me for the long weekend! I’m so happy. Daddy made Mama sit down and brought her coffee and pie, because she’s worked so hard this week. She smiled up at him really sweet. I have a lot to be thankful for, Dear Diary. Now if we can only get Trail home…

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