November 5

Dear Diary,
Today I put a poster up on the school bulletin board. I have an idea and I want to see if I can get other girls interested. I’m going to start a knitting circle and make warm things for people in Appalachia. I’ve been knitting since I was six and I can make pretty good hats and mittens; and almost anybody can make a nice warm scarf! So even if the girls aren’t very good, I can teach them to knit simple things. I’m calling my circle Heart Threads because it will be what Mama calls “a labor of love.” My poster says to meet Wednesday in the school library; I sure hope somebody shows up!

We got a letter from my brother Trail, who’s in the army. He’s been in Iraq almost a year now and we miss him something fierce. There’s a picture of him in the hall by the kitchen, and every day Mama kisses her fingers then presses them to his face, and says a prayer. Trail says things are calming down over there but it’s still dangerous for troops, even in armored cars. He said he’s seen friends badly hurt and even killed by bombs. We’re all crazy to get him home. Just a few more months! Maybe even Christmas. That would be the best.

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