April 30

Dear Diary,

School is going well and my reading is getting better. Satura practices with me while she's cleaning house and I am sewing my sarees from Durga.  We scratch words in the dirt while we clean the chickens and ducks. And Numali always helps me with extra work spelling and writing.

Mutka's and Oma's babies are growing fast, they are still a little fuzzy but they are growing tall and love to sit down in the grass and talk to each other—just like the tea club! Yesterday, I asked the girls from the club to come and meet my ducks; today, four of them came. So did Numali. All of us picked up ducklings and petted them and held them, because it helps them become tame adult ducks if they are handled. There are not enough people in my family or hours in the day to pet all those babies! So it was very helpful.

One duckling is black with a white spot on the top of her head. I call her Bindi. She is just starting to quack a little; it takes four weeks for runner ducks to quack, and only the girl ducks do it. Boy ducks hiss. Isn't that just like people, that the girl ducks are the talkers?

Mother was wonderful about having the girls over, she gave us snacks and green mango panna to drink. It was like a party!  Father even showed them the mealworm boxes filled with chicken food and peels from fruit and potatoes. He showed how the worms shed their skins, which must be blown off the top. The mealworms were not as popular with the girls!

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