December 5

Dear Diary,
Last week was a very hard week. My mother and I had a long talk about education while I was helping pick tea. The fields are a good place for an argument, because no one gets too loud or too angry without attracting attention. Not like at home, where Father can yell how useless it is for a girl to go to school. We are country people but I am not ignorant! I know that many women in India are educated and prosperous. They have ideas about a good life and they find a way to make it happen. I may never live in a city—then again, I might!—but that doesn't mean I can't be smart and educated. Mother and I picked tea very quickly while I talked to her; the more upset we became, the faster we picked! It would have been funny if the reason were not so serious.

Finally, she agreed to let me go to the education center and study. This means that I will be able to take tests and then join a regular school. She will smooth the way with Father, and I will try not to annoy him with my learning. I wish he would be proud of me, instead, but I will settle for quiet.

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