January 29

Dear Diary,
We went to Dibrugarh again this weekend and sold more eggs.  We also looked at ducks for sale, but the prices were higher than Mr. Dipak charges at his farm, so I will go back there for my new ducks. Sutara insists on helping because she says it is her future, too. So we are buying three more female ducks.

"Are you going to ruin my business, Nahji?" asked Mr. Dipak. "Starting your own farm as competition?"

We all laughed, but I said, "No, I want to have our own market stall. I want to sell many things, not just ducks. Maybe we will even move to Dibrugarh."

Mr. Dipak said he would never leave his farm for a big town like Dibrugarh. But Numali has told me of the schools in Dibrugarh, including the university. It would be a place of good opportunity for a girl student.

Mutka has a lot of friends now! They are all busy being ducks. But she still comes to me when I call her, and I save special scraps from my meal just for her to eat. She is my little limping sister, and will always be the best duck to me, Diary.

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