January 8

Dear Diary,
I am too busy these days! Durga brought more sarees for me to bead, I have lessons to work on, and ducks to take care of! I also have to help in the tea fields when I'm not doing something else. Satura says she is tired, but she cannot be more tired than me! I guess Mother is right, it is hard work to change your life! But I am learning a little more every day.

Our birds are doing very well. We get 15 eggs a week from the ducks and 14 from the hens, and our farmer friend, Mr. Dipak, says they will lay more when the days are longer. Even as much as we love eggs, my family cannot use 29 eggs every week, Diary!

I told this to Numali at school, and Mr. Gupta overheard me. He said that he would show us the correct buses to ride into Dibrugarh on market day so that we can sell our eggs!

"What will you do with your egg money, Nahji?" he asked.

"Buy more ducks, of course," I told him. "I want enough eggs so that my mother does not have to pick tea any more!"

"Well," he said, "you might think about some other things as well, like growing vegetables. Then you could sell those at market, too."

I thanked him for the idea. Satura and I are going to Dibrugarh next weekend with our eggs!

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