November 21

Dear Diary,
I finished the sarees and Durga paid me for them. So Satura and I walked to a farm that has runner ducks to see what we could buy for our money. It was a long walk, but the weather was not too hot and the sky was clear. We got a ride on a truck for part of the way, so that helped. Everywhere we could see the long rows of tea bushes beneath tall trees and, in the distance, the rainforests covered in mist. Assam is a beautiful part of India but it hides the troubles of its people. Just like tea pickers laugh and tell stories to one another as they work, ignoring their hard lives. Satura says I am too romantic, that I take everything too seriously and worry too much. But when I asked if she wanted to clean houses for the rest of her life, she frowned and looked away. We all have our dreams, I guess.

The farm had fifty runner ducks, mostly white and brown. They look very funny in a flock, standing so upright with their little wings. I let Satura argue with him about price, she is much better at it than I am. Finally, we bought a male duck and two female ducklings from last spring. It was more than I even hoped for! We also bought two hens, because runner ducks are not always good at hatching eggs, they lay them everywhere. It was a hard trip walking back with a crate of ducks and chickens, but I didn't care because when Mutka saw the other ducks, she started quacking and running around in a circle!  We had to separate her from the others in their pen, because ducks need time to get used to strangers. But I don't think it will take long. My parents seem a little confused by all this commotion, but I will sleep well tonight. A part of my dream has come true.

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