November 27

Dear Diary,
My ducks are all together now. Still, we will have to wait until spring before they raise any ducklings. I like to watch them run out of the pen and into the grass when I let them out in the morning, they seem so happy. They look for bugs in the grass and walk down to the stream for a bath. They don't spend much time in the water, though; they are very strange ducks. At first, my parents were concerned about the money for duck and chicken food, but the farmer who sold us the birds is happy to sell us the little amount of food we need for a good price. And we have all those nice eggs to eat.

I go to pick up the poultry food from the farm, and I have spent some time with the farmer and his wife, talking about the ducks. They have given me good advice on raising a flock and taking care of my birds. I like all the ducks, but Mutka will always be my favorite. She still limps a little, but I don't care.

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