October 17

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was a very lucky day. Durga is pleased with my work and brought me four sarees to work on; a farmer brought his scooter to my father to repair its engine; and I found an injured duck on the road. It must have fallen from a truck because there were pieces of broken wood near it, like the cages they use to take birds to market. The duck has a hurt foot and quacked loudly when I tried to help it; it nibbled at my fingers but that didn't bother me because I am not afraid. I picked it up and called it baby names in a soft voice. Then it saw that I was a good person and settled down into my arms. When I got home, Father was all for killing it right away and having duck curry for dinner! But I asked him if he would rather have one dinner or many? Because ducks lay eggs and eggs make more ducks; so one duck can create many dinners if you don't kill it. He laughed and said I was smart. I said, yes, I am! I am going to find out all about this duck—and then we'll see.

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