October 23

Dear Diary,
My duck is a runner duck! It doesn't fly but it can run very fast. Well, it will run very fast when its leg gets better. We've asked, but no one is missing a duck around here, so little Mutka is mine! She is a girl duck, because she is already laying eggs all over the yard. Why didn't we have a duck before? Such rich eggs, such wonderful food! But Satura said we need a boy duck to make babies, and they cost money. We are not sure how much, but my sister has agreed that she and I will combine our money. We also need to make a pen because ducks need a safe place to sleep at night or the foxes will carry them off. Father says there is old wire fencing in the shed that we can use and that he will help us.

But that is only part of my plan. I am going to go to school and learn all about ducks and farming and running a business. I am going to be an educated woman. My family will be proud of me and look up to me. They will come to me for help and I will make sure they have what they need. I am not going to be one of those poor girls on the tea plantation who have no future but married life—or worse. Not me, Diary! You will see.

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