Award-Winning Hearts For Hearts Girls® Doll Line Returns To Retail.

Gardena, CA (November 1, 2016) — MPA Sales, under a license agreement with Playmates Toys, will re-launch Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls just in time for the upcoming holiday selling season. The four most popular dolls: Dell® from the USA, Rahel® from Ethiopia, Consuelo® from Mexico, and Nahji® from India, will be available for shipping on November 1st. The remaining dolls to complete the 12-doll line will be launched on a schedule beginning in Spring 2017. New dolls from different countries, with their own stories, are also in development.

Hearts for Hearts Girls will continue its relationship with charitable partner World Vision, donating $1.00 per doll to support ongoing programs that provide education, food and water, emergency relief and humanitarian aid to children in underserved areas around the world.

"We're excited to have this opportunity to re-introduce Hearts For Hearts Girls," said Marc Prince, CEO of MPA Sales. "The product is exceptional and the brand's values of friendship and multiculturalism are more timely than ever."

MPA Sales is a family-owned toy business that has been actively and passionately involved in the toy industry since 1959. Hearts for Hearts Girls originally launched in 2010, with a strong message about empowering girls to become "agents of change" and to make a difference in the world. Each doll is from a different region and features a first-person story about a girl who rises above personal and cultural challenges to reach her goals.

"We still have an avid fan base out there, who are thrilled to see the dolls live on," said Prince. "Our plan is to expand the line, not only through new dolls but through new markets. We want to make this a global brand."

Hearts For Hearts Girls are currently available through and will be in specialty stores across North America. Please check the website or visit the HFHG Facebook page at for updated information.

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