December 12

Dear Diary,
Today we learned about reforestation in school. Many places in Ethiopia, especially in the mountains, were cleared of all their trees. This made the soil wash away in the rainy season. The temperature was hotter in the warm weather, and rivers dried up. There was no shade for animals. Many bad things happened from cutting too many trees. Now there are projects in Ethiopia were millions of new trees have been planted. Young people are hired and paid to help plant. Some of the trees have fruit, so they make more food as well. I am very proud that Ethiopians can learn new ways and heal the land. I asked Father if I can help with reforestation when I am older.

“Rahel,” he said, patting my hair, “you have so many dreams in your head, no wonder your hair is beautiful and full of curls; the dreams must float out and curl up inside every one!”

But he also said we could help right here in the village. We must plant more trees where we can.

After school, I played soccer and I ran faster than Tahir, who is the best player on our team! I guess there are many things a girl can do better than boys, if she just puts her heart into it, Diary.

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