January 29

Dear Diary,
Today we celebrated our new injera ovens! Earlier this month, the oven people came and showed us how to make the cement and pour it into moulds. Each oven has six moulds! Then the cement had to dry for several days and be checked carefully for any cracks.  Once the cement was ready, all the pieces had to be taken from the moulds and fitted together like a puzzle.

After that, two women from a nearby village taught us how to make the proper fires in the ovens and bake the injera. So now we have three good ovens, and we will make more until there are enough for everyone!

All the village women got together and danced and sang. Ethiopian dancing is very beautiful; the women nod their heads and move their shoulders and chests to the music, like graceful birds. They wore colored sashes and waved them as they moved. I am not such a good dancer yet, but Hagos and I joined in with Mother and the others. We made up our own words to sing, about the joy of no more heavy firewood, of having an oven that saves trees and bakes bread for our tables so quickly and so good to eat.

The men watched for a while then started their own dance. Well, said Father, the bread is for the men to eat, so they had reason to celebrate, too! There was a lot of laughter and then we baked our injera. Mmmm!! It was extra delicious.

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