November 12

Dear Diary,
It is the wedding day! Merzeneb is excited and also a little nervous. Well, she has never met her husband, so I don’t blame her. Father says he is a responsible, hardworking man—a good son, from a family that has lots of cattle and goats. Many relatives have come to stay, including my aakest Yenee—Aunt Yenee—from Addis Ababa. The groom will come to our house to get Merzeneb, then we will all go to the wedding.

My sister is nineteen, she has been to school and allowed to stay unmarried much longer than many Ethiopian girls. Still, getting married is a big step. She will have to live with his family; I hope she likes them. I will miss her very much.

Later: The wedding went well, Diary. I had to come home and write about it! Merzeneb says she likes Negasi fine, that he is handsome and has a beautiful smile. He is a man with humor, so that’s good, because he will probably treat her well. There was lots of dancing and food at the ceremony, and the giving of cattle and money to the groom. Now Merzeneb will spend her honeymoon at Negasi’s family home. She will only go outside after dark during the honeymoon. Then they will visit us for a while. When I have a honeymoon, I will go out whenever I wish, day or night. It’s stupid.

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