October 15

Dear Diary,
Today we got a truck ride into Arba Minch. It was a long ride, but necessary. Mother had to buy spices to make berbere paste for cooking. I am learning to be a good cook, too! I help her grind the cardamom and coriander seeds, and chop the garlic and onions for the berbere.

Merzeneb, my older sister, is going to be married soon, so I must learn how to take her place. We took with us a lot of the firewood gathered by me and my sisters; we can sell it to get money for spices and cloth.

Arba Minch has the biggest market I've ever seen. There were goats and chickens for sale, and rows of colorful stalls, and people selling from blankets on the ground. We bought hot peppers and salt and all the spices Mother needed. There were so many people, all very different; women with ochre braided hair, men with American t-shirts on, sellers of sandals, leather belts, cows, cheese, baskets, bread, corn, flour, everything!

We wanted to buy something to eat but Mother had brought food from home, spicy kitfo wrapped in injera. We did buy dabo kolo, little fried snacks from a seller; I liked the honey in them! So sweet!

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