October 23

Dear Diary,
We played soccer at school today and I scored a goal! It was very exciting! Lots of families came to see us play. My team won the game and so to celebrate, my family had a feast at home—and I didn’t have to do anything to help! I played hide and seek with my friends in the village, then we sang songs and danced. When it was ready, I went into the house and ate yebeg alitcha, lamb stew, gomen, greens with garlic, and yetematim fitfit, spicy vegetables with injera. Best of all, my mother made coffee for me! She roasted the beans in a pan, shaking them always to make wonderful aromas, then ground them up and put them in a pot of water over the fire. I felt very grown up drinking coffee. Now the only person who doesn’t drink it in our house is Fikre, the baby.

It was a wonderful day. I will think about it tomorrow, when we are following the men as they harvest our tef and bekolo. There is a lot of work to do this time of year, outside as well as inside. When Merzeneb is gone, my sister Hagos and I will have to milk Kassa—our camel—as well as the goats and cows. I’m glad to do that, but I hate weeding!

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